Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Longest Covered Bridge in the US

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another beautiful Saturday morning.  We again headed east and south.  Off of route 106 is the Titcomb Bridge.  It was a bit tricky to find.  (We only had to turn around twice! lol) But to give us a little credit it was a tenth of a mile off the main road way back in a field! Loved the old machinery nearby.

Titcomb Bridge in Weathersfield

Fancy Gate.

Downers Bridge over the Black River in Brownsville

Nice detail.

Salmond Bridge in Weathersfield.

A sign along the way.

Mill Brook in Reading
Mill Brook Covered Bridge is a private Multiple Kingpost bridge built in 2008 by owner Kevin Osgood. Very nice to see the covered bridge tradition being kept alive. While viewing this bridge we happened to glace up the nearby hill.  Do my eyes deceive me?

Nope! It's a zebra!

Loved the weather vane on top of the barn!

Best Bridge in West Windsor

We saw two new bridges today and one very newly restored bridge.  Check out the following video about what happened to the Bowers Bridge during Hurricane Irene! Bowers Covered Bridge Restoration 2012  We aren't sure why it wasn't open yet. The Bowers Bridge and the Best Bridge are just a few miles apart and look almost alike. There was a third bridge in the area but the Twigg Smith bridge is gone.

Bowers Bridge in In West Windsor

Dan couldn't resist!

Tied arch bridge.

Lunch was served at the Brownsville General store.
Nice sandwiches! Pleasant employees!  Glad my drink matched the plates!
The Longest Wooden Bridge in the United States!
And the longest two-span covered bridge in the WORLD!

Cornish - Windsor Covered Bridge

That's a long bridge. You can hardly see the other end.

Martinsville Bridge in Hartland
The Twin Bridges of Hartland 

2001 West Twin or North Hartland

The East Twin viewed through the West Twin.

1871 East Twin  or Willard Bridge in Hartland

1871 - Town Lattice

2001 - Town Lattice
Covered bridges are every where! 

This mailbox belongs to some friends of ours.
This painting is theirs as well.

 We made a side trip back to Northfield to search for the elusive Chamberlain Bridge. We had a mislabeled map and two different sets of directions to use.  Just after we (I) had given up and photographed something we thought might be the bridge we found the real deal just seven-tenths of a mile further down Chamberlain Road. I just can't imagine why it was so difficult to find this bridge.  Can you say camouflage?! 

The Chamberlain Bridge in Northfield

Dan wouldn't give up on finding this bridge!

Native wildlife, this time.
Another day done.  We have seen 101 covered bridges.  17 more to go.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Happy trails.  Nancy

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